Our all natural, “oh honey!” guilt-free treats.

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The Native secret: it’s all in the ingredients.

Our confections are made using Raw Honey (from the African bee) or certified organic and fair trade Coconut Sugar: complex sugars with all their natural nutrients intact that release more slowly into your body. These unprocessed, unheated and unfiltered ingredients still contain all the enzymes, minerals, and essential oils that mother nature intended.

Our nuts and berries are sourced directly from local farms, organic when possible and fresh like the Cape Town breeze. We also offer a Sweet Chai experience, that contains a non-GMO xylitol which is classified as sugar free, has 44% less calories than cane sugar and is suitable for our diabetic and banting fans.

 All made with love and passion by Native chocolatiers.

Developed By

A Nutritional Therapist


A Chocolatier

We use raw, unfiltered Eucalyptus Cladocalyx Honey derived from the African Honey Bee. Rich in essential oils and enzymes.

Our raw honey is carefully crafted together with 100% pure Cocoa Butter and Paste to create an elegantly smooth chocolate.

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Major SPAR Stores

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Major delis and health stores

ENGEN Woolworths Food Stop

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